Thank You To The Families Involved For Sharing Your Stories With The World.

At Nothing Down, we often hear of the heartbreaking ways in which many families receive their child’s Down syndrome diagnosis. It is our goal to change the narrative and to work with the medical community to ensure that EVERY parent is delivered their child’s Down syndrome diagnosis with compassion, up-to-date education, proper resources, and hope. We knew from the beginning that this film had the strong potential to ignite a much needed change for future parents. What we did not anticipate was the immense movement that it would create. Families in the Down syndrome community began sharing their personal diagnosis stories and rallying for change. “Dear Doctor” is now a 6-time award-winning film and has been featured in reputable film festivals all over the world. It is currently being used as a training tool for midwives and obstetricians in France, Germany, the United States, and in the United Kingdom.

We want all of our followers to #JoinTheMovement! Please share our video from our facebook page ( along with your own #DearDoctor moment, sharing with the medical community how your diagnosis was received and offering suggestion on how to make it better.

Thank you to the families involved for sharing your stories with the world. We are so grateful to each and every one of you!

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